Disposal in the port of Hamburg

TMS „Bernhard Dettmer“längsseits der CCNI Arauco zur Übernahme des Löschwassers

TMS “Bernhard Dettmer” lies on the side of the CCNI Arauco to take over the remaining water used for firefighting. After the closure of the Shell refinery in Hamburg the bunker business changed completely in the port of Hamburg, hence new occupations had to be found for our inland vessels, which had been previously used for the bunker business.

The environmentally compatible disposal of sea vessels in the port of waste oil, oil water mixture, but also litter, offered a perfect opportunity to become more engaged in this field.

Due to the beginning cooperation with the newly founded company Jongen, a new business area is created by the takeover of majority business shares.

For the disposal they started by using TMS “Dettmer Tank 136” and now the pushing unit
“Dettmer Schub 124” with the lighter “DT 106” is being used.

Reinigungsarbeiten der Mannschaft „Jongen“

The cleaning team of “Jongen”

Picture of the disposal. Work is done around the clock.


Besides the ship waste disposal, the tender for oil spills in the port of Hamburg is also won. This requires a 24 hours’ readiness, which requires high demands of the staff and materials. The first operations have already been very positive.

The successful operation of the disposal and cleaning of the burning container ship “CNNI Arauco” in the port of Hamburg was in collaboration with the Dettmer Reederei, a very good start and has proven the performance capability of the young organization.

The general management is in the hands of Julia Dettmer and Niels Mohrenz.

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