What ever you move: We move it

Competence in action: Let nothing stop you. When speed is everything, but time for perfection is necessary:
The Dettmer Group supports you in reaching your goals and destinations. Fast but safe!


For generations our company has been operated by its owners. As a result, quick managerial decisions enable us to find individual and fast solutions for our customers.

We aim to bring our customers and their goods towards their destination. Long term partnerships have the highest priority.


We cannot foresee the future – but we can approach it with strength and foresight!

All aspects of our management activities aim for sustainability and efficiency. And we live this in all our locations. Because we are heading for the future.

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Our fields of operation:

  • Inland vessel company
  • Air Cargo handling
  • Storage and transhipment
  • Container Packing
  • Waste management / Disposal
  • Operation of a kerosene pipeline
  • Tank Farm
  • Transport via Truck
  • Rail Cargo Services